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Butterwick 10k 2016

on 31 July 2016

Today was a repeat run of one of last year’s – my third repeat of the year – which considering how many races I did last year by now is almost impressive in itself! J and I went to the Butterwick Hospice 10k last year, and enjoyed it despite finding the route very challenging – those hills! – so it was one the definitely made the calendar for this year.


We had quite a few walk breaks last year as there were some rather serious hills, particularly at the start. They’d changed the start and finish points this year, which slightly modified the route. It felt like the starting hill was longer, but not actually steeper – the elevation graph shows different and we netted out at the same height, but the difference is that this time we made it all the way up without stopping! We came back down the hill and crossed the ford at the bottom – which we’d both forgotten about – WITHOUT getting wet shoes! Hurrah!


It was around this point that I discovered my shoes were starting to rub…maybe 3-4km in? I’ve worn my Cascadia’s several times before – they’ve done nearly 150 miles with me without this problem, through sand, mud and sunshine, so having them rub was a bit frustrating. Maybe it was my socks? I don’t know. Annoyingly I’d nearly put my road-runners on but decided that no, I’d paid good money for trail shoes for exactly this sort of race so I should wear them. No point stopping to check, such things don’t get better being looked at and we had a race to finish!

The massive hill after the ford did get the better of me and we had a walk stretch from part way up to the top (sorry J! I ruined your run streak!). There were a lot less bugs than I remembered from last time we did this stretch, or we were just moving quicker – last year every time you slowed you got mobbed by these big black fly things, and I’m not convinced I was moving a huge amount quicker this year! Just steadily plodding along 🙂 J was very patient with me 😉

We headed from here into the woods and my feet eased right up on the softer ground. I really enjoyed the two woodland trail stretches we went to before the end where we dropped onto the main path to do the last 2km to the finish. I love running along woodland trails in pretty much any season – mud or dry, and it was nice and shady without being stuffy 🙂 We hit the 2km mark about the same time as we left the woods, and with a cry of ‘Pumphouse and back!’ (her old short run), J was away. I was only about 10 seconds behind her for km’s 8-9, but slowed right down after that and trailed behind – put me on harder paths and my feet were really playing up again 😦 I slowed right down but was determined to make it to the finish line without walking if I had to do the world’s slowest jog!


We both made it to the finish – J about 2 mins before me – and even with my summer slowpoking we both knocked minutes off last year’s time 🙂 Picked up finisher’s packs, bananas and water (I’d been looking forward to that banana for the last 2km believe it or not!), and I immediately crashed onto the grass to loosen, and in the end remove my trainers and plod about/stretch off in my socks! My feet were so sore 😦 I found out when I removed my socks that I had the biggest blisters I’ve had yet 😦 It’s not unusual for me to get a small amount of rubbing here but it’s normally just the top layer of skin and not really an issue, but definitely blisters today!


The finisher’s bag this year was not as snazzy as last year’s – a griping point for J who is apparently having a bad year for bling with neither Sand Dancer or Pier to Pier doing medals this year; we got a cute pin badge and a curly wurly (nomnomnom – these did not make it home, or even to the carpark!) compared with last year’s medal and drinks bottle, but I still really enjoyed the run. J can’t have found it that bad 😉 She’s even mentioned coming back and trying to do it on our own sometime!

Post run ice-cream and away home 🙂 A nice end to a busy weekend for me and the furthest I’ve run this summer 🙂 Looking forward to getting the miles back up again 🙂 We will be back!

You can download the GPX data for this course from my Dropbox account by clicking the link below:

GPX data on Dropbox


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