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Gateshead Trail 10k 2016

on 14 August 2016


The Gateshead Trail 10k turned three this year, and I was lucky enough to get wind of it the first year it was running (this was before I went on a race-booking bender in 2015 and booked every race under the half-marathon within a 200 mile radius), and have made sure I’ve been booked in every year since. It’s a relatively flat trail race within 10 miles of my house, and covering ground that I do on various routes through the rest of the year. With 2 short-ish hills and good quality mixed paths it’s a good intro to trail running without the need for fancy shoes or a degree of multi-terrain balance!

I’ve been doing my usual anti-social summer running where I hide away from all social running sessions and sneak out at mega-early times or in bad weather hunting for cool and having a mental strop at how slow I am when it’s hot 🙂 It was therefore really nice to catch up with several of my running friends from Run England and the Blackhill Bounders who were also running this one – I haven’t seen some of them in ages and it was good to see some familiar faces.


F and I parked up at the Cricket Club this time – there’s a lot of parking at Blaydon Rugby Club for race participants, but there’s also a lot of people who use it and last year I got there early enough to make sure I got parked and took a book – for both the wait at the start and the end – there’s normally a massive queue to leave and it takes a while to get out. The parking at the Cricket Club still had spaces even when we left – without having to wait to get out, and was only 10 mins up the road at a walk – a good warm-up/cooldown and opportunity for a chat so I’ll definitely be doing this again next year!

I felt very over-dressed for this one as many runners weren’t running with any extra bits at all, with the water station being crossed twice at about 4km and 7km, and some just taking a small waist pack or a water bottle. I had my full backpack thing with 2 bottles of water (got to be balanced!) and all my other stuff – phones, wallet, keys, t-shirt (picked up before the race), sweeties in the back pouch. Maybe I fooled everyone into thinking I was ultra-training or something…in actuality I just like to run as a mobile tuck-box! My lovely ice-pack also made another appearance shoved down the back of my shirt. I’m not 100% sure it actually does anything, but I certainly didn’t notice my back getting warm from my bag like I did last Sunday when I was out with J. Unfortunately it doesn’t help stop the rest of me from cooking!


I decided very soon after we set off that I wasn’t going to go for a time today, I was going to stick with one of my Bounder friends (G, who I did the Loftus Poultry Run with) and just enjoy it. I kept jogging all the way round – I just slowed down if G needed a walk break, and we both pootled round drinking plenty of water, munching blackcurrant liquorice sweets and in my case nattering away and waving at everyone. It was a really nice change to actually feel comfortable out for a run – and it wasn’t cool and windy (I probably would have taken advantage of it and attempted to shoot off if it were!) but rather close on the stretches of the sheltered Derwent Walk and sunny in the open. Just gotta keep moving even if your face feels like a frying pan ready for making breakfast!

We finished in 1hr 14 – just beating 2014’s time but nowhere near 2015’s. I’m happy with that – it was nice to wind back and have a ‘fun-run’ without feeling like I was flogging it for pace or distance, and I ran 10k and had a good catch-up with friends. I’m looking forward to Kielder in the first weekend of October, where I’m hoping if I can keep this up and it cools down a bit I’ll be able to really pick the pace up again. I’m certainly intending to give it a try!


The medal this year’s a corker – the same monster gong as the GT10 is becoming known for, but also the first medal where I actually might prefer the back to the front! I kind of want two so I can show both sides!


You can download the GPX file for this course from my Dropbox account by following the link below:

GPX data on Dropbox


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