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June Review

on 7 July 2015


I say it every month, but the year is rapidly eluding me – half gone already! If this is how fast a year goes at 26, I’m dreading turning 30 let alone older! I’ll never keep track of things! It’s getting into summer proper now and I must confess the latter end of June I have found it a struggle to get out sometimes with the humidity. I missed the Run England session last week as I was prepping for Dublin, but it was so humid it sounds like most of the guys headed home after half their routes and just walked back struggling with getting their breathing and generally being too hot so it doesn’t sound like I missed a tremendous barrel of laughs!

It has been something of a milestone month for me, I’ve been to one of my ‘bucket list’ Northern races in the Blaydon Race (the other on the list being the Great North Run in September – watch this space, it will be here in no time!), and surviving my first ever half marathon – the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half at Liverpool! I’ve been taking something of a break from events since Liverpool, I did the Newburn River Race with J a few days after, and have been and am event free until the Colour Obstacle Rush with J and my sister on the 17th of July, which I might remember I’m doing a few days before hand when my sister appears on the doorstep!


I’ve still been leaving off the work-outs – I was starting to find the gym getting just too warm, and was actually working out with the light off by the end of April as there was just too much heat cranking out of it, and I never remember to swap it for an energy saving light bulb. Now, with the sun out so late, it’s the heat coming through the open window I’m more concerned about! After a stormy weekend, the worst of the humidity seems to have broken so I may try it again in the cooler evenings, but I may also be tempted out more onto the pavements with my trainers so we shall see ๐Ÿ˜‰ J has joined a gym and started battling her non-competitiveself there to help improve her core strength for running, and I can’t have her catching me up too much while I take a back seat after my halfer!


I have tried a new form of exercise this month – cycling. I went out for a 5km ‘taster session‘ (a.k.a. can I still remember how to do this?!) – it’s true what they say – you don’t fully forget! A week later, I went out for the full route with the guys from work – 20km, where I had to relearn how gears work and get a feel for how they worked on this bike. There were casualties. My hooter (not an innuendo I hasten to add!) will not work again until I can pester A to fix it for me! The bike seems handy as an alternative form of transport, and with P’s shifts in the next fortnight looking like they might start to intrude on the Tuesday Run England sessions, I may bring it home from work so I can still go and he can have the car. It’s not something I see myself really doing as a hobby though, I may go out for the odd session with the guys but I’m not really sold on replacing any of my running sessions on it and dashing about the country in lycra shorts – my running capris are enough!

Overall, particularly considering the weather and my stepping back a bit on the exercise intensity after Liverpool, I’m pretty content with my progress this month – my quickest pace is close to matching April’s, which was set on a similar distance when it was much cooler. I’m also pretty pleased some of my quickest paces are coming on the 9-10km runs; I’m wanting to start pushing my pace a bit particularly on the 5km and it looks like as long as it’s not absolutely boiling, stamina shouldn’t be too much of an issue over that distance…time will tell!

I’ve had a few walks in preparation for my trip to Dublin and the Wicklow mountains at the start of July, some details of which are in the posts before this one (I am most organised at posting on time!), and as you can see from the below I’ve also changed how I log my data compared with previous months – I’m only showing three months at a time and have split things up a bit more. It may seem odd to have rows for work shuts – but a few people reading this will know how physical some of those can be and they definitely count as exercise! Just rather difficult to categorise… I’ve had a bit of a hotch-potch of exercise types this month, which is why April and May look a bit bare in comparison, and it’s very evident in the total time – an additional 4 hours. Some of this is from the walking, which is obviously slower paced, but it’s still time I’m out and about doing something for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

june 2015

Onwards to July!


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