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Never Say Never I Guess!

on 23 June 2015


I mentioned a while ago that I’d come into a bike, and had successfully dodged actually going out on it for a time possibly extending to months now… Team Fray Bentos (the pies in tins if you have the fortune of not being familiar with them), go out from work on a loop down to Newburn and back – about 12-13 miles in all by my estimation – twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. They leave sharp so with my finishing time often being later than theirs I’ve missed quite a few! I have obviously been devastated by this.

This Monday, detecting some skepticism that I would ever make it out, I promised I would at least get my helmet on and come and meet them part way while they were on their way back – which would also give me an opportunity to get my initial likely wobbles out the way without an audience, however well-meaning they may be in their giggles!

With a course on that afternoon I was running really late compared to when I was expecting to escape, but I still got changed and dug out my helmet even if it meant meeting the guys at the riverside carpark and turning around and coming back again! It’s been about 10-12 years since I was last on a bike, but I used to go out a fair amount with my Dad and brother, and just pootle around the street. I could tell when I got on the bike that the tyres were a little on the flat side. It made for slightly harder going but was rideable. I guess riding a bike is one of those things you really do never forget!

I met Team Bentos, or 2 of its members at least, after 2.5km, giving me 5km total for my first attempt on a bike – 20 mins at a gentle pace. I definitely need gloves next time. The handlebars felt really hard after a very short time and are a little too short for my hands. I’m also not sure I don’t have a bruised bum fron the seat! I shall have to get a proper chair seat for it 😉

I really don’t see cycling replacing running as my exercise of choice anytime soon, and it’s going to take some getting used to if I want to try going any distance, but I have at least succeeded in not falling off on my first outing!



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