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The Fray Bentos Main Course

on 29 June 2015


Monday again and that means bike day in my office, for the summer at least. Last time I risked a wobble on the bike for 5km and found it plenty hard work even over that distance. This time, with inflated tyres and a helmet that while definitely still not threaded up correctly at least wasn’t going anywhere, and still no gloves as I knew I had a change of clothes in my bag from a run that never materialised last week but didn’t go any further to consider walking and biking might have some slight variations in clothing requirements! At least I’d remembered my trainers this time so wasn’t in steelies!

I met G and C in the carpark, dumped my stuff in G’s car as P had ours from nightshift and was picking me up, and off we went towards the river. I’ve heard C described as slower when G and A go out, but being something of a pootler myself I found it quite a comfortable pace! Pootling along honking my hooter 🙂 everyone should have a bike hooter I have decided, even if it’s not attached to a bike, they are awesome. I have, for the second time unfortunately managed to break mine smooshing it coming to a sudden stop being in completely the wrong gear going up a hill so it’s not working anymore but hopefully A can fix it for me again…  I’m getting there… I did at least make it up the others and didn’t end up coming OFF my bike, so I see that as a win. I’m also figuring out how to change gear without it playing the clicky don’t-know-which-way-to-go song for 5 mins.

I did find doing this distance almost straight off the bat knackering, I’d never have gotten round if I didn’t do my running. Wylam to Newburn and back would have been enough for me! I’ve decided I’m more of a cycle-along-the-Sienne-with-basket-and-baguette sort of cycler than a whizz along at high speed. I’m sure it’s good for something but I still prefer sore feet and knackered knees to butt bruises and vibraty hands! Really feeling the no gloves but I don’t know how much difference they’d have made.

Back to the pavement pounding for now I think!



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