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A Slight Change of Plans

on 4 July 2015


The Wicklow Way lodge was amazing – I wanted to steal the sheets, they were so soft and we both slept really well. Breakfast was yummy and they made us a packed lunch too 🙂

After yesterday’s hike being rather tougher than expected, and today’s and Sunday’s looking to be twice as long and twice as high, we opted for showing our flexibility rather than ruining our holiday breaking ourselves and opted for getting two buses to Enniskerry and exploring the waterfall there before trekking the 4km from there to the hostel. That was the plan anyway.

The waterfall is at the back of the Powerscourt estate, which is just outside Enniskerry and both house/gardens and waterfall are signposted from the town, but with no distances. First leg was straight up a hill – not what we were looking for. Carry on following the signs for the waterfall…lots of downhill (dreading the prospect of getting back up to Enniskerry and onwards) and we hit a junction with a distance sign…another 4km to go and starting uphill again. We tried calling a taxi company, but as we weren’t at a landmark or address they couldn’t come out until we hit one, so we started heading for the b&b in the same direction but 2km away. We ended up hitching a lift with a lovely young couple who dropped us off at the entrance to the waterfall park. Having passed the hill to the b&b we would have died making it there with our bags!

It was about 10 mins to the waterfall proper where we stopped to shove our packed lunches in our faces and have a well-deserved rest!


It was pretty, not too busy and quiet, so we stayed quite a long time!


Before leaving, even though they don’t agree with me, we had yummy holiday ice cream 🙂


We’d worked out that actually we weren’t that far from the hostel we were heading for so headed off UP the road. Fortunately it was mostly flat or genuinely gentle slopes the whole way, about 3 miles, with one very steep but blessedly short uphill after we passed the river.


We made it to the hostel, which is basic but serviceable, we’re both fed on cup-a-pastas, tuna wraps and crisps, and the views are fab. Tomorrow we’re intending to go to the seaside and the aquarium so expect to be bombarded with fish pics when I get to Dublin!


Off to play cards and listen to biology lectures in our room like the cool kids we are now 😉



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