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A Pact

on 12 August 2015


I wasn’t kidding about pigging out in Bruges – waffles and icecream and pizzas and more – that’s what holidays are for right?! But now I’m home, my trousers are starting to feel a bit tight and I want to shift an inch or two before the GNR, so I need to stop eating like I’m still on holiday! The monster Costco cake pictured above snuck into the trolley somehow this evening, and after having the tiniest slice I could cut – nothing like what’s missing I hasten to add – and a BBQ dinner I found myself sitting at the computer with my jeans unbuttoned so quite clearly some drastic action is needed! Just to add insult to injury the cat started kneading my stomach when I sat down <_< Her sense of timing is impeccible. There’s no way 2 people should ever be able to eat all that cake – it weighs 1.8kg!!!! So, half of it will be coming into work with me tomorrow, and I suspect the rest will be gone before I get home from work tomorrow afternoon…there may be a few crumbs left on the plate and a small smear of jammy icing.

No more chocolates, cakes and biscuits for me – and no substituting with crisps either! In an attempt to stick with this at least until the GNR (32 days away!), I’m going to find a money box (I have one somewhere but I haven’t seen it since we moved house last October, so that could be an adventure in itself), and fill it according to the following rules:

  • Junk food free day: +£1
  • Exercise session: +£1
  • 7 consecutive junk food free days: +£3 (a total of £10 for that week)

The longer I can keep it going, the more I get to treat myself at the end of it – preferably with something that’s not junk food! Sounds like it’s going to cost me a fortune – but it’s probably still less than I’d spend on puddings and sweet snacks so I’ll be quids in and slimmer in the long run! Fingers crossed I need to do a bank run for pound coins soon…having a money box of notes that doesn’t weigh something significant and rattle just isn’t the same!

I’ll be putting a running total of my junk food savings at the bottom of each post from now until I decide I can be trusted near vending machines and in the bakery section of Morrissons where these little bad boys live…could be a while!


And now, it’s on the internet and in the public domain where my mother can see it and keep tabs on me…

Fingers crossed the next blog has some money on it!


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