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Factory Reset!

on 20 July 2015


I went out for a run on Saturday morning, and going out tonight wasn’t any easier. I’m hoping that if I go out a couple of times this week I’ll get some stamina back again and maybe even get further than 5k without feeling like death! It really does feel like I’ve had the clock turned back 6 months or something – I can do the distance without a walking break, but I don’t find it easy and I’m not enjoying it as much – it’s just determination to get past it that’s pushing me to go out.

I’ve also got a real craving for new routes and different places rather than the same old well-trodden paths. I was picking P up from work at 7pm today, so did go to an old haunt down by the river, but rather than aiming for a certain point to turn around at, I thought I’d do it by time rather than distance and see how far I got – I had about 35 mins to go out in including stretch off and pile back into the car time, so I jogged along for 12 mins figuring that the way back would take me slightly longer, and turned around then instead of going for a physical marker. I was actually only about 45 seconds longer on the way back than the way there, and I knew I’d had a burst of unsustainably too fast at the start. Once I’d got this puffed out the way my pace turns out to have been pretty much flat as a pancake which is good – it didn’t feel like it, I wasn’t quite at foot-dragging stage but as with Saturday, it would have required more mental stamina than I had to turn around and do it again!

I don’t tend to look at my watch much if at all when I’m out jogging, I don’t want to be concentrating on times or distances unless it’s to shove food in my face or I’m on a time limit like tonight, but being able to look at the data when I get home sometimes gives me a morale boost I didn’t find on the run – tonight’s may only have been a short one, but I’ve actually broken my pace record from April by 1 second making this my fastest run so far 🙂 Now to keep that pace over a longer distance without dying…

Even 10 mins after I’d finished this one my face was still flushed red and hot, even though I wasn’t really sweaty and it wasn’t really sunny out – I looked and felt like I’d fallen asleep in the sun in some tropical place and it took a while to go down. I think I’m going to have to look at getting some shorts instead of capris and leggings in the hopes of cooling down even a fraction more – and I haven’t worn shorts for a very very very long time – someone might actually see my knees! :O But at this stage I’m willing to try almost anything. I don’t think I’ll be out in a boob tube any time soon!

Just got to keep moving one foot in front of the other 🙂 I’m counting down to the autumn and some cooler weather! I shall fly!



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