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Color Obstacle Rush Newcastle – Guest Post!

on 19 July 2015

Today, we have our first guest post! My lovely sister came up to do the Color Obstacle Rush with J and I this weekend and has kindly agreed to walk you through our day πŸ™‚

Over to F…

In summary: We started clean, then did some stuff, J was mean and kept throwing stuff at us but we got revenge later. By the end we looked like 4 year olds who had got into the paint box.


I found this run to be mostly ok and fairly easy (though the foam felt weird to run through), and J nearly fell over a few times, I twisted my knee halfway round and Sarah got a friction burn (like a 5 year old on the bouncy castle friction burn – literally, just +21 years!).

The obstacles were:

The starter wall/ colour stage pink for staggering people through the start line – wasnt too hard and I got pink dye in my hair. A good start.

Foam machine- this felt really weird to run through. Seriously, its like it was there but it wasn’t! No resistance but cold!

Colour stage blue- just a load of guys flinging blue powder at you.

Crawl cargo net tuby thing – I must have been stuck behind the slowest group imaginable on this one

Colour stage pink crawl – a load of people flinging pink powder at you while you crawl through a marquee


Colour stage blue run – another load of guys flinging blue powder at you.

Colour stage blue crawl – some guy threw blue powder on the side of my face here, I didn’t like it – it covered my ear and felt weird for the entire rest of the run!

Giant hamster balls – always fun when people push these into you!

Stick wall bouncy castle thing – pretty sure Sarah pushed J over on this one. Hard to say, i was in front of them… Sarah denying all!


Triangle climb/wall thing – underestimated my own strength on this one, wound up in the mud on the other side

Yellow colour stage run – J started to get mean here and throw big handfuls of dye at us.

Orange colour stage run – J was mean here too…we were counting!

Green colour stage scramble – J strikes again! I also managed to twist my knee here 😦 (not actually sure how though)

Mountain range inflatable- J fell over on this one in her usual elegant way

Bouncy hills inflatable- J over again…possibly assisted by Sarah bouncing past like a ninja…never touched her though πŸ˜‰

Big hill finale slide thing – Sarah friction burns elbow not crashing into me at the bottom. We also got a face full of orange dye at the bottom. J her usual elegant self reaching the top. Sliding down all together maybe not the smoothest plan!

P1010555aAll in all it was a fun day out; we all got a t-shirt and a medal included, J and Sarah both got the ‘early bird’ packs including an event headband, a pair of sunglasses and extra packets of dye to throw at people πŸ˜› We dumped them both all over J at the end in revenge for the handfuls at the colour marquees.



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