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A Jog Along The Derwent Dam

on 18 July 2015


Well, hello there trainers, it’s been a while! Three weeks to be precise, and damn do I know it! For an assortment of excuses including the weather, travel, hiking, work and general laziness, I haven’t been out in a while! 🙂 This morning I finally found a degree of motivation and thought I’d head over to the Derwent Reservoir and go out over the dam – P and I have walked along to the near end of the dam before, but not along it.


The water level was really low – we’ve had a moderate amount of rain but obviously not enough to compensate for how warm it’s been. The photo above was taken on a walk – you can see the dam as the back boundary of the water with the tower at the end. Being straight and pretty featureless, it felt like it took as long to cross it in each direction as it did to reach it and then get back to the car park! I was determinedly unencumbered today, knowing it was going to be a short one and a windy one! I only took my car keys and my watch – and even that wasn’t looked at until I was stopping it at the end. I don’t really do technology pacing…

I can really tell I’ve not been out in ages – I only did 5k but could tell I’ve lost a fair amount of fitness. I kept steady pacing throughout but I don’t think I could have done it twice this morning, and it certainly wasn’t a pb setter despite being a pretty flat route. Going to have to get out a few times this week to get back into it – I want to be hitting 10k steady again for the weekend! Less than 2 months to go to the GNR and I need to be able to get some long runs in again before then or J will be leaving me in the dust 🙂



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