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To Glendalough We Go!

on 3 July 2015

I got to Dublin in one piece, I was sat right by the propeller so my plans to nap on the plane went right out the window – it was too noisy. Rubber band airways, but at least it was a short one, I was getting quite fidgety near the end.

S had booked us in at a hotel near where our bus leaves from this morning, turns out it’s a super fancy Georgian style one. We went hunting for food after check in and with how late my flight was it was midnight by the time we got to bed. Having been up since 04:45 and driven 6 hours that day I was not the best company! Hotel itself is fine but someone was very kindly repeatedly slamming a very heavy door at 6am and the seagulls were screaming so I’m still a bit bleary eyed.

6 mile to do today, with my lovely heavy bag. At least it’s smaller than S’s! It’s going to be a tough weekend on my back as well as my legs, I can tell already!

Hopefully tonight’s more peaceful – we’re in a b&b in the mountains so it should be quiet at least 🙂

Mine’s the dinky bag on the right 😉



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