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Run England – 7.5km

on 23 June 2015

After another few weeks absence with P shift runs, I finally made it back for a Run England session. I’m hoping now that he’s passed his test (hurrah!) and I’ve also proven I can stay on a bike for 5 mins without falling off, between us I should now be able to make most weekly sessions. I may even start making it to the Bounders training sessions on a Wednesday too!

I went out with group 3 as normal,  and also dragged H,  who I met at the Washington 5k, out with us too – she normally goes out with group 2 but I know if anything she’s quicker than me. There were a few of the group 2 guys coming anyway so it was a big group of 24 of us that left the leisure centre with a range of paces. This brought the pace of at least the back group down a bit, which was something of a relief – it was really muggy out and I found it tough going. I don’t like running in the heat at the best of times!

I did have the opportunity when we went along a particularly wiggly bit through ‘The Mazes’, which I’ve not done before, to see how closely my GPS watch follows my true route – the answer is ‘ish’!


I’m also really feeling I’ve slipped in performance having missed so many sessions of various things – I need to start working Run England,  the training sessions and Blackhill ParkRun back into my weekly schedule if I want to progess from where I am now. Today was at least a step in that direction 🙂



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