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Race Reviews, GPX files and more from North-East England

on 30 November 2019


I moved to the North-East of England in 2011, and started running (in a great deal of ignorance) in 2014 when I signed up to run the Great Women’s Run in Glasgow before actually seeing if I could run at all…I made about five paces before doing an excellent asthma attack impression.

Since then, I have run in many events around the North-East and you can find reviews of them including my impressions, photos, maps, elevation profiles, GPX files and anything else that occurred to me at the time by checking out my race list on the link below.

race reviews

2019 was not the best year for running for me, and for various reasons I missed many of the races I’d entered. At the end of the year I added up how much I’d spent on race entries and disappeared for a while into a hole of shame under my desk. There must be, I decided, a way to enjoy the racing element of this hobby without forking hundreds of pounds into corporation bank accounts. I did some digging, wondering if it was possible to find races for under Ā£10. There are MANY – often supporting local running clubs and establishments. The world went a bit nuts for some reason in 2020 and I didn’t make any of them, but the seed was planted. Now for your viewing pleasure I’ve generated a list of races I’ve found – whether I’m running them or not – so everyone can save some pennies while still feeling they’ve ticked the ‘racing’ box. Who knows where it will take us?! Reviews of races in this category I have run will be included here and in the general ‘Race Reviews’ too šŸ™‚


Anything else that might be of interest you can find in the menu buttons to the right – feel free to have a nosey šŸ™‚




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