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24th – 30th October

on 29 October 2016

My midweek workouts did not go according to plan. I ended up doing Weds/Thurs rather than Tues/Weds this week. A had to dash off on Weds so we didn’t go out on the bikes and P & I instead used the time to re-fill the fridge and freezer with food (v. important). I wanted to try and do a step workout while the food was cooking, but the food had a shorter cooking time on the packet than I thought, so I figured I’d changed this for a conditioning video on Thinq Fitness which I have also previously enjoyed. Queue some technical difficulties with my laptop and actually playing the videos and in the interests of doing something before dinner, I just bammed some music on and did my own session with planks, squats, 3/4 press-ups, gym-ball sit-ups and some arm and leg work. To be honest it probably only took me 15 mins but I at least felt like I’d done something. It then turned out that the food was NOT ready by the time it was supposed to be, and by the time it was I could have done the step workout I was originally intending to do… C’est la vie I guess!

Thursday was going to be Run England day in place of Tuesday – except we got home from work a bit late. Made dinner, ate dinner, went to get changed as had about 5 mins before needing to leave for RE and it being far too close to eating time, even going up the stairs too quick made me feel rather ill. 😦 Run England will have to wait for next week. Some time after dinner I did do some exercise – the step workout I’d been intending to do the night before! We still had some technical difficulties and I think I need to have a look at my PC setup in the conservatory for working out, but we got there in the end. Absolutely plum-tuckered afterwards and straight into a hot bath! I think I’d have been less worn out if I’d taken my queasy self to Run England! That’ll teach me!

There were a couple of milestone parkrunners at Blackhill this morning, and the promise of bacon sarnies and cake on order…but with another 5k tomorrow morning in Sunderland, I confess I’m still wimping out of doing Blackhill at the moment – so I headed off to Riverside again. Still working on that routine of small exercise sessions across the week rather than going all out on one day and being a complete vegetable for the rest of the time πŸ™‚ Riverside were doing a Halloween themed parkrun this morning and there were some great costumes running round – many of them depressingly faster than me! It’s a bit sobering when someone in a full-face wolf mask can get round quicker than you and you know you’d melt in half a mile like the Wicked Witch in a rain shower!

It was good to see C (the new runner from last week) at Riverside again – she was going round with some friends this time so I just waved on the way past – I do believe she hit the 5k this time though! I concentrated on pootling steadily round. I found miles 1 to 2.5ish a bit of a slog, but was getting back into stride again mentally for the last stretch. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to head out for a longer run next weekend – gotta start getting the miles up again if I want to survive 10 miles at the end of November! I deliberately didn’t look at my watch pace on the way round; my focus was on finishing and getting a few miles under my belt, but I was pleased when I got home to see I’d stuck with a steady pace the whole way round which was consistently under 11min/mile – it felt like I was nearer 12-13min/mile on my second big loop and I didn’t want to be depressed by my slowness part way round lest it slow me down further! I came in at 33:50 in the end, which I’m happy with. πŸ™‚ Something to work from.

I’ll not be able to make parkrun next week as I am booked for shiny things, but I’m hoping to do a longer run on the Sunday to make up for it – 10k minimum, 7 miles if I’m feeling ok. πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow, it’s Run to Remember at Sunderland with J – see you there?!







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