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Race For Life – Guildford – 5km – The Naughty Nibblers

on 24 May 2015

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Today was the Race for Life event in Guildford at Surrey Sports Park. I was attending this not as a competitor, but as a supporter for a very special group of women. Last year, my Mum joined one of the local Slimming World groups, and soon after several members started going out for walking sessions, at first once a week, then anything up to three – complimenting their fat-free eating with a healthy dose of exercise. These ladies have covered areas all over Guildford, and even walked back along the river from Godalming – this was their first group event, and they went under the team name ‘The Naughty Nibblers’. There was one race wave leaving in the morning, and another set up for the afternoon – we were at the morning event. The weather was hot and muggy as it was yesterday but fortunately not beaming too brightly on the attendees. I don’t think the warm-up suited everyone, it was very shake-your-booty-esque and does not suit the less flexible or those not familiar with fitness classes and their very enthusiastic trainers! A few knees and joints were not happy – and that was before setting off for their three miles! The wave was split into runners, joggers and walkers, and apart from this all left together. There were hundreds if not thousands of participants. I got excited anticipation butterflies from seeing the start and I wasn’t even doing it! There was such a great buzz in the air ๐Ÿ™‚

View from the start line

View from the start line

The Naughty Nibblers (with one or two very speedy exceptions!), were leaving in the walking wave – and they’d all bought purple daisies to wave – which was lucky as we’d never have found them at the start or been able to spot them in time as they marched round! They were all kitted out in their various designed pink Race for Life t-shirts and sporting ‘pink army’ tattoos on hands, arms and faces! The course was very looping around the sports park and the hospital research park – so by staying near the start/finish area and the university accommodation, we were able to see the ladies passing at several intervals without moving very far – so every time they turned a corner or finished a stretch, Dad, P and I would be there with cameras! Untitled There was no escape! They even stopped at the campus reception for a photo shoot after greeting the University of Surrey security guys, who were out cheering and clapping the racers on for an hour as everyone passed them! The Naughty Nibblers made it down to the finish line in just over one hour – a good time for a casual walking group! They all received a set of ‘Pink Army’ dog tags (much nicer than the Race for Life medal I got last year for the Pretty Muddy course), a bottle of water – much welcomed – and a chocolate brioche which they will be synning themselves for! Won’t you girls?!

Photo credit: Eagle Radio

Photo credit: Eagle Radio

We left to head into town after this, the Naughty Nibblers stayed for a naughty nibbles picnic pilfered from the Tesco’s across the road, which may never recover! I know that Krispy Kreme donuts were mentioned you naughty nibblers…what will your Slimming World coach say?! See if that shows up in your food diary ๐Ÿ˜› The best bit about today? Between them these ladies have raised over ยฃ1,500 for Cancer Research! They’ve taken themselves a step forward to better health (and possibly three steps back with their picnic!) and made a very very admirable contribution to helping others do the same! You should all be so incredibly proud of yourselves girls! You did fantastically!


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