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Quest Accepted: Obtain Mojo

on 19 May 2015


Well, I’m not quite ready to go out and order my Austin Powers outfit and disco ball, but I’m feeling a bit more back in the game and have some of the determination to get out back – just in time as my half marathon is in 3 weeks on Sunday! We just booked the hotel – I’m praying there’s still parking available when we get there…still, we have a bed and there will be breakfast!

I’m trying to get back into doing a run or two around P’s shifts – before picking him up after days or after dropping him off for the night shift – which is quite do-able particularly with it being so light at the moment. Will be much trickier in the winter, but fingers crossed that’s a while off! I met J at the river – this is the first run she’s been on for 2 weeks with travelling, except for Gelt Gladiator, which sits in an exercise category all its own. My original plan had been to go down to the bridge and back, but not really sure what pace we’d do, we decided to run for 20 mins along the footpath, and then turn around and come back – we actually hit the bridge in 22 mins so both plans worked to the same effect! We did a total of 6km in 45 mins, and the sun even came out! It was grey and drizzley when I left work, as though testing me to see if I actually would go out as I had intended, and then decided to reward me for this with sunshine and warmth. So we both finished up rather sweaty. I’m sure the more ladylike version is ‘glowing’, but usually this means I feel like I’m glowing like a pig in muck…I don’t really do ladylike! This was an evening run too – may have to stick to evenings and first thing in the morning for July to September! The weather doesn’t seem likely to get much cooler…

On a slightly different note, I had some unexpected post this week – an envelope from Great Run, with Great North Run on the label under my address and name. I have recieved a Great Run Series T-shirt, which I have zero recollection of ordering… When I did my first race last year, the Great Women’s Run in Glasgow, I ordered the 2014 Great Run Series shirt mainly because I didn’t have any technical shirts – and to be honest hardly wore it, because around here most people wearing it I suspected were training for the Great North Run – and despite running 2x 10kms and 1x 5km in the series, I felt I might be misleading people in my distance running abilities by wearing it! I also rapidly racked up several much nicer race tees, and it got relegated to the bottom of the pile – so I don’t think I ordered one this time – I don’t even remember seeing it as an option. I don’t know if everyone who puts in for the GNR gets one by default, but if that’s so then J’s hasn’t arrived yet. It’s an ok shirt, but for me it’s just another shirt I may or may not wear!


I also set up my charity poster and sponsorship form for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon at work at the end of last week – and the first page for sponsorees is already full! I haven’t recieved anything from Mind yet…I will get in touch with them again early next week if I’ve not heard anything by then.

charity poster


charity form

I’m feeling a bit more on an even keel this week. Depending on how things go at work, I’m intending to do a longer run after dropping P off for his night shifts on either Wednesday or Thursday, hoping to hit 8-9 miles minimum if possible, but we shall see how things go 🙂 We’re driving to my parents on Friday morning so I will be packing my trainers for the weekend there, but not wanting to risk being mega tired for the drive. Watch this space…



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