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Race Prep – What are we packing?

on 22 March 2015

I’m off to the Thirsk 10 in about 10 minutes – so I’m going to rush-type this, run to the loo then dash out the door! It’s about 1.5 hours from here and I’m leaving plenty of time for roadworks, registration, traffic, pre-race loo stop, animals on the roads, getting lost…etc, etc, etc.

I’m wanting to whittle down the amount of stuff I take on runs, but for now – particularly when I’m going on my own and need to take money, phone, keys etc. out on the route with me, I use my big bum-bag and take some stuff for the car – change of clothes so I don’t drive back all sweaty and some nibbles for afterwards.


Sometimes each race feels like I’m going away for the weekend… for the smaller ones (<10k), I don’t take a drink, and I take a much smaller bumbag just for my phone and keys, and nothing at all if I’m running local – it’s so liberating! As this is a 10 mile though, and I’ve no idea how hungry, thirsty, desperate-to-bail-out I’ll be, I’m taking no chances and packing EVERYTHING, especially if the only harm is that it might come for a trip in the car and then home again.

Wish me luck!!!


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