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Workout – 15-03-15

on 15 March 2015

P1000966 I’ve had a bit of a slump this week – 4 days since my last exercise session. No excuses really! I was intending to do a decent length run today – something between 10 and 12km similar to last weekend in prep for my 10 mile run next Sunday. J was wanting to try to do another 10km run this afternoon, so I was intending to go out with her, but she’s too busy preparing to have a social life so I’m blaming her for my failure to go out at all today! You hear that J? It’s all your fault! I just couldn’t get up the motivation to go out, too tired and cold to face it, so I made myself do a workout at home instead, and just to really make up for not having done anything all week, I upped the weight intensity too. I did the same workout as last week, strength – speed – strength – speed – strength cycled through. 10 reps on the weight exercises for the strength circuits, 15 reps for the abs and thighs. I used the 2kg weights for the first and last strength circuits as normal, but also used them on the speed circuits which I haven’t done before with weights that heavy. The middle strength circuit I upped to 2.5kg using the new dumbells we got recently. They look rather less impressive then when P had them set up with 15kg’s a piece, but as he hasn’t used them yet I thought I’d claim them. Before: P1000975After: P1010002 Having used them, I think I’ll pass them back to P and get some hand-weights in the next size up as trying to use these for some of the exercises I was doing in the strength circuit would have resulted in me impaling myself in the back of the head with the bars on the end if I’d been using them for the overhead tricep extensions in the speed circuit! I found the V-sits much easier, and was able to hold them for a bit longer both circuits, and my form was much better and quicker on the jogging bum-kicks and the high-knees. Between these and the squat jumps P has raised some concern about my breaking the house down! I do miss being able to work out on a solid concrete floor as I’ve had in previous places, it made me feel much less self-conscious about jumping around! Time: 40 mins + warm-up/stretches Equipment: 2 and 2.5kg hand weights

  • Strength circuit – Sets 1, 3 & 5
    • 10x Dumbbell Bent Over Row
    • 10x Dumbbell Lunges – each side
    • 10x Dumbbell Triceps Kickback – each side
    • 15x Crunches – straight and each side obliques
    • 10x Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    • 10x Dumbbell Squats
    • 15x Kneeling Side Leg Lift – each side
    • 15x Toe Taps

Equipment: 2kg hand weights

  • Set 2 & 4
    • 50x weighted running arms
    • 10x V-sits
    • 10x overhead triceps extension
    • 10x weighted ABC calf raises – straight, pigeon-toed and plié
    • 10x single-arm bent-over row – each side
    • 10x squat jumps
    • 20x jogging bum kicks
    • 20x jogging high knees

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