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Run England – 7.88km

on 10 March 2015

I was out with the Run England guys again tonight – for the Bounders, this was a relatively flat route, but just to make things a little more interesting, they decided to throw in some interval training along a mile stretch – half a mile down, half a mile back. 10% faster than normal pace for 2 lamp-posts gaps, slower for 1 lamp-post gap. The distance between lamp -posts one and three has never been so far! I survived the interval training, but it exhausted me afterwards and I was trailing along at the back of the group for the rest of the route!

I’ve not tried interval training before, and I’m sure it’s one of those things that’s really good for you, but it doesn’t feel it when you’ve got another 3km to run back to the leisure centre! I may try it on my own along a nice level stretch – but I think I’ll need to be in a particularly enthusiastic and possibly naive mood first!

I’m pleased with my progress so far with the Bounders group on the Run England sessions, for the most part I have been keeping up roughly with the middle, but today has made it very evident I still have some way to go to be keeping up with the group the whole way round through thick and thin!



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