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Battling the Winter Blues – 2!

on 27 February 2015


You know the saying “Feed a cold, starve a fever”? Yesterday, my cold was fed so much I think it must have drowned in carbs. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much in one day without feeling horribly sick. I have no idea where my stomach put it all (no doubt I’ll find it soon enough if I decided to step on the scales!). I basically snacked all day at work, and when I got home ate a bagel with banana, 4 macaroons, a cinnamon bun and a full portion of dinner – meatballs with veg + tomato sauce and rice, all within the space of an hour. Fortunately after that I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the evening, but I normally can’t finish a P-sized serving (P being the other half, not a lazy spelling of pea!) of just the meatballs and rice let alone all the other stuff in such a short window!

I’d had 2 days of being a snotty beaky – as well as an insane calorie intake yesterday I also went through 1.5 boxes of tissues and enough hot squash to keep a town hydrated. I didn’t do any exercise wanted to conserve myself for the weekend, and knowing that today would probably be a long one at work. The guys at work managed to get ahead of the original timeline – and as long as nothing goes bang, after being there 13 hours today I will not need to be in over the weekend – which reopens the possibility of my run at Bamburgh on Saturday! I’ve been really looking forward to seeing how I cope with this one pretty much since I booked it; I’ve run on snow a couple of times this winter, and mud on one or two more recent occasions, but I’ve never tried running on sand! Certainly not over 10kms.

I woke up this morning with a clear nose having managed to stay lying on my back propped on the pillows all night, but it felt like someone had tipped glue across my lungs as none of it had been purged by my waking and blowing my nose in the dark. Still, I could tell that I was getting on top of it. I’ve still been a bit sneezey and snuffley today but am feeling better. Tonight is going to be the decider for whether I do the run tomorrow – if I sleep well and can get this kicked, I’ll be wrapping up warm and hitting the beaches – if not I’ll be having a serious think about whether I’m up to it and looking at doing a run on Sunday instead, and trying not to be too gutted about it!


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