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J Hits 10k!

on 21 February 2015
Image courtesy of Digitalart at

Image courtesy of Digitalart at

J & I had mentioned earlier in the week about doing a run on Saturday morning ‘about 11ish’, but after a nightmare few days (and nights!) at work I phoned her at 08:50 this morning and told her I was going for a run, possibly a long one, and sooner than 11 as I desperately wanted to clear my head and not ruin my long weekend off carrying a load of work-related agitation around. So, we both got our running gear on and went down to the river at Wylam to see how far along the route to Newburn and back we could get – it’s approximately 5k each way from bridge to bridge in a loop.

The original thought was to get as far as we could, maybe 6-7k and then walk the last few km’s back to the car as a cool down but J pulled out all the stops and we got round the full 10km with only 4 walking stretches in a fab first time of 1h25m for her! Not bad at all for someone who’d not really run at all until 6 weeks ago 🙂 Very proud of her 🙂 We’ve got a trail run at Otterburn in April – a 10km organised by the same people as the No Ego torch run of muddiness we did recently, and at least now she knows she can do the distance, and the next challenge is going to be the terrain!

The weather was lovely when in the car or the house – a pretty and sunny clear day by the river, but the wind when it hit was absolutely bitter! No idea what the temperature was but I can vouch for it being cold! I’m sure I’ll miss it when I’m complaining of the heat trying to go out for a run in August, but while I was running in a tech t-shirt for the sheltered stretches, I was glad of my more wind-proof thermal on some of the windier more exposed bits! We saw three herons on the way back from Newburn, and two cormorants, one of which puzzled us for a while trying to figure out what it was until we realised the silver flash near the top was actually because it had a decent sized fish in its beak!



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