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Run 18-02-15 – 4km

on 18 February 2015

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It’s 29mph winds outside at the moment, and was a very lovely sunny evening so I had dinner and faffed around until dark before going for my windswept run rather than enjoying the rarely seen evening sunshine! The sky was fantastic though,  it’s one of the things I love about not living so near to Newcastle – actually getting to see the sky as a huge high dome full of stars, both because there’s less light pollution and less high buildings – it literally just opens up above you.

Typically the long uphill stretch at the start of the run was also into the headwind which made it tougher. I don’t seem to deal well with going straight into uphills at the start of a run, if they’re too long or steep they make me feel slightly nauseous. Guess I should work on warming up better! I was quite pleased with my pace for the rest of the run – I seem to be able to hit just above the 11 min/mile for the whole route – having done it twice now on my own, and just under 10.5 min/mile for between miles 1 & 2. I’d like to work on getting the last half mile on the same pace as the terrain’s not too different, more of a flat than a downhill but definitely not harder. I’m aiming to get the stretch after the 1 mile mark down below the 10 min/mile mark and the total average down to sub-10.5 min/mile. Definitely a route to repeat. I may try this over this weekend or I’m also intending to incorporate this into a longer route working up to 10km as training for my first 10 mile race in Thirsk in March, so I may try that too. See how I feel. 🙂

18-02-15Soundtrack: Running Playlist

Song of the workout: End of Heartache – Killswitch Engage


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