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Yearly Target Tracker

In 2018 I set myself the target of running 500 miles in the year, and was using an Excel sheet I would update after each run or month with my mileage and then recalculate my new remaining mileage, or how much I needed to run in the remaining months to still hit it because I didn’t do enough at the start of the year…It was a bit fiddly.

My sister asked for a copy of it for her 2019 mileage targets, so rather than send her my complicated, constantly-needing-tweaking version I made the spreadsheet much smarter and easier to use so that it would do all the things I’d been doing manually in the last few months for you right from the word go. Makes me wonder why I didn’t spend half an hour doing it around August time! I would have saved myself so much time over the year! I thought I’d share it incase anyone else is looking for something similar.

annual tracker

You can change only cells in blue – this includes the description of your target; targets 1 and 2 are set up for distance specific but this can be running, walking, cycling, swimming, and in miles or km and it will work the same way – and you don’t have to use both of them. Feel free to overwrite the default descriptions and target numbers 🙂 Targets 3 to 7 are free text. Maybe you want to go to a certain number of parkruns, attend X number of races, earn 3000 post-run cakes!

For targets 1 & 2, rather than putting your yearly total in under ‘Progress’ in the first table, you put your monthly miles in the relevant table for that target – and you can update this after each run. It will calculate a new flat monthly target for each month when you start booking to it, taking into account what you’ve achieved already that year.

You can download the file from my dropbox account here, or ping me an email on and I will be happy to send you a copy 🙂

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