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Winter Blues!

cold 001This is how I feel right now – what started as a throat tickle on Sunday has been getting progressively worse, and has today become a full-blown cold; snotty beak, headache, harrumphing elephantine cough and buffalo-esque sneezing (I am LADYLIKE in my malaise!). I’ve had my buff on all day trying to keep my throat warm, and even slept in it last night, and am on the paracetamol and hot squashes in an attempt to get this shifted asap!

This is not proving a good week for running at all. Monday’s run, while faster than previous (hurrah!) was shorter than I was aiming for – and that made it REALLY short, I missed my Run England session for the second week in a row due to massive machine problems at work, and those same machine problems are making it increasingly likely I will miss my 10k run at Bamburgh on Saturday that I’ve been really looking forward to – which will make it the second event I’ve missed this year due to other stuff taking over my diary, and it’s only February. Poopy.

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