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Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – Liverpool


Today, I have officially knocked off a major milestone in my running journey! I’ve completed my first half marathon event, and run further than I ever have before 🙂 I entered the Rock ‘n’ Roll series half marathon in Liverpool at the start of the year looking for a big event to help carry me round, and one that was as flat as possible as battling the distance is hard enough! You’ll see on the elevation graph that Liverpool isn’t as flat as I was hoping…there’s a few 50m climbs in there I didn’t see coming, but they were all relatively shallow and fortunately all in the first half so it was almost entirely downhill for the second half! I must admit, a run like this is the best way to see a new city – there was no traffic because the roads were closed for the event, the route was designed to take you past or through the monuments and parks, and I saw far more of it than I would have done had I been walking it! The roads which had caused such baffled vexation yesterday were a breeze on the well-signed and fenced off course today! I’d have been hard pressed to go the wrong way with the number of marshalls too!

My race breakfast consisted of croissants with jam, watermelon and orange juice – nothing too heavy and hopefully a moderate mix of early access sugars and some carbs…and I pinched some cupcake mini muffin things for later. Gotta love somewhere that serves up double chocolate and blueberry mini muffins as part of its breakfast menu! Then I dragged P out of bed and he came with me to find the corrals at the start 🙂 They’d put some weird one way systems in, it turned out where we were going was literally right outside the front door of our hotel, but because we’d gone out the back door we had to walk round three other buildings and a giant ferris wheel to get to them. I have no idea how many people there are, I heard 8000 over the tannoy at the end but I don’t know if that was total runners or just one of the events as they had the full marathon running at the same time, or the whole weekend as they also had a 5k yesterday, and a kids’ one miler today!

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Well, we’re here!


I am attempting a blog post on my tablet, we shall see how long before I get annoyed with the touchscreen keyboard and bail out!

We finally made it to our hotel in Liverpool. For one of the biggest cities in the country the road access is awful! We came in on the A59 and it couldn’t seem to make up its mind whether it wanted to be 1 lane or 2, road markings were optional and bus lanes were there to be ignored, sometimes even by the buses! The cars seemed to go where they wanted at whim, but we managed to make it to the quayside eventually!

My Dad will love this bit – we’d gotten this far navigating just by road signs but couldn’t spot the hotel so pulled into a side road to plug the address into the sat nav, but it hasn’t had the maps updated in yonkels and didn’t know where it was. We turned to my new phone, and it turns out I still have no idea how to work the maps app, but we did manage to use the browser and google maps to get directions! Turns out the hotel was on the island on the other side of the wharf thing, over a bridge at any rate! About 2 mins from us and with a convenient car park right next door. Even that was completely lacking in give way signs with people just going where they pleased!

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