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Marathon Training – Week 1

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of exercise sessions, but I think it’s been the most I’ve done in a long time!

Casual runs: 2 miles, 2.5 miles, 4.5 miles of hilly doom & 6 miles flat

Long run: 11.5 miles

Workouts: Core session x2 & home workout x 25 mins

This is the first week I’ve tried following any sort of real allocated daily plan rather than just seeing what I feel like doing depending on the weather or how much I can be faffed with. The thing I’m trying to keep in mind is that this is new to me and I’m going from occasional pootling about as I have been before Christmas, to 5 sessions a week at varying intensities and I’m not sure as of yet how well my body’s going to take the step up in training.


I tried testing a new core strength workout on Wednesday and followed it up immediately with a workout without the core exercises, but quite a lot of arm exercises; I had sore deltoids and abs for days afterwards – laughing really hurt – so being back to normal this morning, I tried just the core workout but skipped one of the planks (there are 3) and did slightly fewer sit-ups. I figure I can build up to doing the full thing, and I’d rather do slightly less in the short term and be able to move than be unable to do anything for my first gym session on Thursday (it’s booked! No getting out of it!).

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