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Flower Power and Dublin Prep


I’m heading off to Dublin for a walking weekend on Thursday night, and last time I wore my hiking boots out they were hurting the balls of my feet after about 3-4 miles, even after I’d changed my socks from one pair of thick walking ones to two pairs of normal ‘day’ socks. We’ll be covering distances of between 6 and 14 miles over the weekend and the last thing I need is to be starting with a pair of boots that I know give me bother after only a few miles. I wear them day to day and they’re no problem, but I’m not hitting the mileage all in one go pootling round the shops.

They don’t give me blisters or anything, it’s just after a while I start to feel the weave of my sock pushing into the ball of my foot, like I’ve trampled any cushioning in the shoes into submission and the next most squishy thing available is me! Rather than take the pot-luck and expense of another pair of hiking boots – I’d bought these ones to replace a pair I found gave me blisters on longer walks – I decided to try replacing the insoles with some more padded ones. X has specially moulded insoles for hers and they were what I had in mind when I headed to the sports shop. Instead of getting the specially moulded ones, I ended up getting a pair of Karrimor XLite Active Airr’s, which will obviously mean a lot to everyone. They’re basically maximum cushioning insoles so I thought I’d give them a try before paying twice the price for the £30 moulded ones, and giving them a try meant taking them for a several mile stomp before I’m stuck in the mountains with no phone signal and no shops and sore feet!

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