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A Scenic End to a Busy Week!


Looking at my MapMyRun dashboard, and my stars calendar, you could be forgiven for thinking I haven’t really done much this week.

week 1 june

In reality, this has been one of the most active weeks I’ve had in a long time – from what I guess would count as a ‘strength’ workout perspective if I had any idea how to book it as such. June is normally the time of the 3 day annual boiler shut at work, and it’s all hands on deck on the papermachine for maintenence work – and with a very unusual amount of work to do this year, we had an extra day and were due to start up on Thursday lunchtime after shutting down Sunday night. So, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent changing 300 shower nozzles (some of them in arm-aching positions and orientations!), and heaving bits of filter and buckets of powder stuff about the place. And stairs. So many stairs. Not exactly an inactive couple of days right?!

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