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Hello! Welcome to Blue Runnings.

I run distances between 5k and half marathon, predominently around the North-East of England over a mix of terrains. I prefer trail and coastal runs, but you’ll also spot me at a few road runs if the setting’s right! If you’re looking for reviews of a particular race, please check the link below (or on the right) for a full list of races I have participated in and reviewed since 2015.

Race Reviews

I am also an erratic attendee of various parkrun events; if you’re looking for information relating to the parkruns I have attended, please see the separate link below.


I’m currently working on updating all reviews with GPX data downloadable from Dropbox, and am learning how to use my new Apeman camera to produce ‘Runner’s View’ videos of various races and parkruns as I attend them. This does mean that these videos will not be available unless the race was after April 2017, and the quality of particularly the earlier ones may be a little iffy as I get used to both the equipment and the editing software! You can find the videos I do have on the relevant race report, or by checking out my YouTube channel by clicking on the link on the right (the small box with the ‘play’ triangle in it) or click on the link here.

You can keep up with the latest site updates, or just what I’m doing from my own fitness perspective on my facebook page – I regularly run (obviously!), cycle (badly!), hike and attend local Kangoo Jump classes. Irregularly, I’ll try whatever’s going!

Feel free to check out where I’ve been racing on the Race Map, or just browse through the archives and see what you can dig up.

Please get in touch either through the comments, the contact form or my facebook page if you’ve got any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you.


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